Some of the Most Popular Sex Toys for Couples: An “Add to Cart” List

Scarlett Love Doll

It looks like you are planning on spicing things up in bed with your better half. Besides having chemistry, having a set of the most popular sex toys for couples doesn’t seem a bad plan, does it? All we are saying that sex toys these days have made themselves “must-haves” in the bedroom to heighten intimacy.

Let be real, folks: genitals, mouths, and fingers can only do so much, while sex toys can take care of everything you can possibly think of.

Bringing a toy into the play for the first time can be a lot to take in for the other partner. It’s always better to enlighten them first and see how they react, if they seem comfortable, well, and good, and if they don’t, well, it’s time to look for something else.

Now, let’s address the situation where your partner seems cool about bring a “third wheel” in the bed. In such a case, you should head to your nearest sex toy shop and add stuff that you and your partner might like incorporating. Always make sure to get their input as well while doing so. Decide the kind of penetration you want, the intensity of vibration, and if BDSM is something you are planning to try. Since there’s a lot to consider, shops like Dukes Dolls are the ones you should consider visiting.

Since the options out there are quite overwhelming, we thought of compiling some of the most realistic male masturbator and other female orgasm-inducing toys. So, let’s get on with this list.

*every single product is available either online or offline. Prices, on the other hand, may vary.

–   The Flamingo

This one right here is an app-controlled vibrator that lets you choose an array of vibration modes. It works exceptionally well in pleasuring both your clit and G-spot and offers an orgasm you never had.

–   Tomboi Harness

Tomboi Harness is exactly what you need if you are in a lesbian relationship, or at least one of you craves penetrative sex. It offers a silky and comfy fit and is capable of holding any type of dildo.

–     Mio Cock Ring

This is a cock ring that vibrates like crazy. This is a padded silicone ring that sits at the base of your penis and adds vibrations that both partners can enjoy during penetrative sex.

–      Custom Ass

Those who are single and are into ass may want to get their hands on the custom ass dolls that are somewhat USPs of Duke Dolls. These dolls offer a realistic feel, which is exactly one need.

In the End

So that was the list of most popular sex toys for couples. If you found them compelling enough, then it’s time for you to add them to your cart and experience the best sex of your life.

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