A Checkout worthy List of Top Rated Sex Toys for Men

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Why should only girls have all the fun?

Before anything else, yes! Sex toys for men really do exist. People often think that vibrators are only meant for women, but the reality is otherwise. Since our bodies are similar in many ways, we all have nerve endings that react to vibrations, simulation, and touch. 

Seeing you here means you are planning to go solo, which is quite understandable since you are probably living under a lockdown of something of that sort. Considering that self-pleasure is highly necessary, we went on a hunt to track down some of the top rated sex toys for men. And now that our search has finally come to an end, we ended up creating a list for our fellow readers who just want something else that could replace their hands. 

Now, before we jump right into the list, it’d be better for you to know that you should buy the toy depending upon the type of pleasure you are looking for. 

The Best Sex Toys for Men

  • Screaming O Vibrating Ring 

If you are looking for an affordable vibrating ring, you should consider what Screaming O offers. The ring is easy to use; all you have to is stretch it around the base of your erect penis and turn it on. This vibrating ring is considered to be quite effective and hands down the best option for first-timers. 

  • We-Vibe Pivot

We-Vibe Pivot is considered the Cadillac of cock rings, not because it is a bit expensive but because of its functions. It lets you control the vibration if you want, but what makes it so special is its smartphone app, which has a lot in store. The ability to control this ring from across the room or a dinner table is part of what makes it really popular. 

  • Ohnut Intimate Wearable Ring 

This toy right here is more popular among couples than men. However, it is considered to be more of a practical solution than a toy when you or your partner’s size is causing unbearable pain. It’s a series of soft, flexible rings that nest on top of each other so that you can use between one and four of them depending on your size. This offers a different sensation upon penetration and is an excellent option if your man is going in too deeply.

  • Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential 

This is a highly recommended sex toy that every man should try. However, the innovators behind it suggest that it is best suited for men who are struggling with arousal. It has a vibrating plate which apparently is quite powerful. As you get more turned on, you’re going to want to stroke it, but don’t – the device is way more effective if you don’t touch it much. 

In the End 

So, those were the top rated sex toys for men. These toys will definitely offer you the pleasure you were looking for. So, what are you waiting for, its time to spend some “me time.”


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